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VEGAS RESTAURANTS ROUNDUP: Planet Hollywood ending, Summer House sprouting, and the Wong Goodbye

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As part of the A-list rehabilitation of Las Vegas’ image, the Caesars Palace staple closed after 29 years this week. A big component of the A-list rehabilitation of Las Vegas’ image, the Caesars Palace staple closed after 29 years this week.The first Vegas outpost of the Hollywood-themed eatery opened in July 1994 with a party hosted by

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis. The movie mega-stars were commonly referred to as investors or co-founders, but really were just actors paid for their appearances and endorsements in company stock.Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone appear at the first Planet Hollywood Restaurant’s grand opening in Manhattan in 1991. The real owners of the chain were

Keith Barish

who had the idea to create a “Hard Rock Cafe” for movies, and Robert Ear,who owned the Hard Rock Cafe at the time. The largest location was in Las Vegas, where seating doubled to 500. The location was far away from the entrance to the mall, and by then, the chain had become a lesser-known brand. (Confusion with the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, which opened in 2007 across the street without a Planet Hollywood restaurant, didn’t help. Six locations of the chain are still open.

Summer House Santa Monica, which opened its first location in Chicago in 2013, and another one in Bethesda, Maryland two years later — will serve Golden State staples such as fish tacos, pasta, and salads with brussels sprouts and avocado. Summer house Santa Monica, which opened its first Chicago location in 2013 and another Bethesda in Maryland two years later, will serve Golden State favorites such as fish tacos. Eiffel Tower Restaurant

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, Mon Ami Gabriel, at

Paris Las Vegas, Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab


RPM Italian (Image: the-sun.com)Comings & GoingsThree Asian restaurants are closing in the same Chinatown plaza at 5040 Spring Mountain Road. BigWong,

, a local favorite since 2011, will close on May 30, so that its owners, Wai Lee and Connie Lee, can retire. For years, the restaurant offered many dishes at less than $5. It only raised its prices recently to keep up with inflation. The patisserie, Sweets Raku, which has been fusing French and Japanese desserts since 2010, will also close its doors on June 30, just a few doors away. The owners of China Mama, , the Chinatown restaurant that was forced to close in March after a fire, have opened a new take-out restaurant at 4250 S. Rainbow Blvd., China Mama express. The former Chinatown restaurant is not known to reopen.

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