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The F1 video preview of the Las Vegas Grand Prix reveals free viewing spots.

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Formula 1, on Wednesday, released a sneak peek of EA Sports F1 23: the video game that will be launched June 16. They gave race fans a glimpse of the track where the first Las Vegas Grand Prix race will take place on November 18.

This section of the circuit is shown in the upcoming F1 23 game, which shows unticketed viewers watching the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix across the MSG Sphere from Twain Avenue. In the video simulation created by digital artist PJ Terney, using approved F1 plans for the event, a driver navigates through three laps. The ride reveals not only the track’s scenic views of the iconic Las Vegas skyline, but something much more significant to race fans not wealthy and/or lucky enough to have snagged one of the $500 and up seats for the event — a few areas where free public viewing appears to be possible.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority President and CEO Steve Hill told the

Las Vegas Review-Journal in March that public sidewalks along the 3.8-mile circuit “may offer a little bit of an opportunity, but the barriers are high enough that it’s pretty hard to see the race, frankly, if you just walk up to the edge.”The preview of the F1 23 video game appears to reveal several spots where free public viewing is possible, including a stretch of westbound Twain Avenue underneath the monorail and across from the MSG Sphere.


emailed F1 asking whether fans could decipher free public viewing spots based on the game. Casino.org
emailed F1 asking if fans could decipher free public viewing spots based on the game. It didn’t receive a response.

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