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Milton Champion’s half baked Twitter musings landed him in trouble. What does this mean for Maine’s sports betting? (Image: WGME)

Gambling Control Unit Executive Director Milton Champion has been criticized by the state’s tribes for the slow launch of sports betting, which was legalized over a year ago. No wonder they’re chomping at the bit. No wonder they’re chomping at the bit.

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But now, Champion, who has a modest 61 followers on Twitter, is being criticized for his offensive social media antics, which is likely to further delay the rollout.

Champion Blunder

On May 6, the 66-year-old regulator replied to an opinion that referring to a group of women as “ladies” was inappropriate. “In this day and age, I guess ‘bitches’ is better,” he suggested.

Then, on May 14, Champion reacted to images of a white nationalist march on the US Capitol with: “At least they are not burning down or looting stores.”

Despite the decision to put Champion on administrative leave being taken on Wednesday, May 17, incredibly the tweets were not deleted until Tuesday, May 24.

Thomas Pickering of Maine’s Department of Public Safety confirmed in an email to the

Associated Press

that Champion’s comments are the subject of a review by the state’s Bureau of Human Resources.“Given that this is an ongoing, personnel-related matter, the department is unable to comment further,” he added.Slow Lane

Maine’s four tribes were recognized by a 1980 land settlements bill that offered a narrower version of sovereignty than most tribes enjoy in other states. The bill treats tribal reservations as corporations, not nations. This means that they are subject to state law and can’t legally organize gaming. The state’s sports betting law sought to partially redress the balance.

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While some states rushed sports betting to market once the relevant laws had been enacted, Champion has been circumspect in drafting the rules. He said in an early May interview with


that the earliest possible market launch was January 2024.

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