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France’s gambling regulator, National Gaming Authority (ANJ), works overtime to eliminate questionable online gaming sites. It published a blacklist this week of websites it deemed not to be compliant with French gaming standards. As it tries to close down illegal online casinos, the country’s gaming regulator is aggressive. (Image: Getty Images).

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This list, which will be updated monthly by the ANJ, contains 532 online gambling platforms. A lot of cases involved the same operator introducing multiple sites that the regulator found to be in violation of the law.

This is a quick overview of a few of these names. MaChance spent more time trying circumvent the regulator than actually following the rules. Between last September and this past February, it repeatedly launched new sites, alone prompting around 40 ANJ blocking orders.

iGaming Whack-a-Mole

A year ago, the legal framework for the fight against illegal online gaming received greater flexibility. Previously, the president was required to apply for a blocking order through a judicial judge. That process took an average period of four to six months before the judge returned the resolution.

However, as of March of last year, blocking orders jumped from being a legal matter to an administrative procedure. This led to the first administrative blocking and delisting orders being issued in June last year.

An administrative blocking order can now be processed in one to two months with approval only from an administrative judge. 152 orders were issued since the transition regarding 532 URLs relating illegal gambling content.

The ANJ is able to banish the platform entirely from France. Each company will be contacted and given five days to comply. The regulator can order ISPs not to allow access to any sites it adds. However, using a VPN with a French ISP, several of the platforms the ANJ has on its blacklist, including some allegedly blocked six months ago, are still accessible.

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In addition, the regulator can also order search engines to delist the names. Like MaChance, however, it is possible for the regulator to order search engines to delist names.

Unlawful operators have proven that they are not good at avoiding oversight. stole the name and reputation of the famous French chef. It was a disaster in waiting. A Chef of the Century and Michelin star-winner, despite his ties to MGM Resorts, would unlikely launch an online casino, and the name immediately drew unwanted attention from the ANJ.

France’s Small Online Network

France doesn’t have a lot of licensed online operators. Only 17 operators are licensed in a country of more than 67 million people. According to the ANJ.

, there are 26 regulated platforms. Spain, which has a population of 74.4 millions, has 77 operators. These 128 online gaming platforms are available. The UK has over 268 licensed operators for a population of 67.3 million.

However, France likes it this way. France doesn’t want to have a large online presence and believes that a smaller number of options is better. It is also concerned about the possibility that online casinos could reduce the profits of land-based casinos.

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