• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

On Monday, Jul 10, 2023, the long-expected City of Dreams Mediterranean casino finally opened its doors to the customers.

Long-awaited resort

After years of planning and working on the construction, one of the most ambitious projects in Cyprus has finally been completed.

In the first integrated resort in Europe, a huge amount of money was invested. With a total amount spent bigger than EUR600 million, this resort will be one of the most luxurious places in the country. Cyprus is already a popular tourist destination, but with a new resort, it will enhance its position on the European market, and hopefully become a renowned destination for international business and conference tourism.

The media representatives visited the resort on July 11, in an opening ceremony. Lawrence Ho, a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Melco Resorts & Entertainment, spoke to them and shared the company’s vision for the future. He said: “Today marks a new chapter. Menelaos Schiacolas, the Managing Director of CNS Group, said thatthe Opening Day

will be marked in CNS Group history. The dedicated team for providing a full luxurious experience:Grant Johnson, Property Manager of City of Dreams Mediterranean,

says he’s grateful

to the country’s residents for making this whole project possible, and especially thanks his colleagues for their hard work and dedication to the project. The new integrated casino resort, which is actually a 14-story hotel, has 500 rooms and suites. The resort will have 500 rooms, including suites, designer-brand shops, sporting facilities, and an outdoor amphitheater. The union issues: The owners are very proud of the project. Two unions representing resort employees are not happy with the project. The unions have accused the company of violating laws

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that are written to protect workers. Deok, however, decided to abandon the protest. However they continued to express their opinions. In the announcement the union released, they stated that the company needs to realize that

“its business activities are conducted on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, and it should stop behaving like a state within a state.”

Despite Deok’s withdrawal, the protest is held, with Peo as an organizer. The union said that they would not give up until the company allows them to enter their workplace.

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