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Can the new Las Vegas cannabis hotel be considered a violation of the law?

Posting date: May 26, 20,23, 11h48.

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An artist’s rendition of the Lexi. Elevations Hotels and Resorts, of Phoenix, acquired the non-gaming Artisan hotel in March 2022 for $11.9 Million. The 64-room hotel, located just off Las Vegas Strip, will allow and encourage cannabis smoking within its 22 guestrooms on the fourth floor. These rooms will have state-of-the art air filters that are specifically designed for this purpose. The Lexi is also prohibited from selling cannabis by law. It can’t be delivered to the property, either, and smoking in common areas is prohibited.

“The Lexi operates in accordance with all local and state laws,” the FAQ claims.

At issue is whether state and locals laws consider a hotel room to be private or public property. The Nevada law, passed in November 2016, that legalized recreational marijuana allows it to be consumed only inside private residences or businesses with a cannabis-consumption lounge license. None of these lounges have opened yet. The Lexi had originally planned to open a cannabis lounge on the ground floor. However, this plan was quickly abandoned when its owners discovered that Nevada law prohibited cannabis consumption lounges located within 1,500 feet from a casino. The Palace Station is less than 1,500 feet away from the Lexi. )

According to the city of Las Vegas, the Lexi’s owners didn’t even bother applying for a lounge license.

Elevations invested more than $15 million to purchase and renovate the 1.3-acre Artisan Hotel at 1501 W. Sahara Ave., which the Siegel Group bought out of foreclosure in 2010.

So are Hotel Rooms Private or Public?

“I think most people would argue that hotel rooms are public places that are open for business for public to rent those rooms,” Amanda Connor, an attorney with Nevada’s Connor & Connor law firm, told


If it is determined that laws are being broken by the Lexi, it is not clear whether the hotel, its customers, or both, would be held accountable.

A representative for the Lexi did not return repeated


emails seeking comment.

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