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The man who allegedly held a woman hostage at Caesars Palace for six hours on Tuesday, July 11, was a fugitive from Colorado who lived a transient lifestyle on the streets of Las Vegas, according to the arrest report obtained by KLAS-TV/Las Vegas, which also explained that his captive was an on-again/off-again girlfriend.

Matthew Mannix is shown in in his Caesars Palace guest room on Tuesday, where he allegedly held his girlfriend hostage, according to Las Vegas police. According to the arrest report, Matthew Mannix was “extremely” high on drugs and told police that he would “pull the trigger” against them if they refused to leave. However, according to the police report, officers could hear a woman’s voice yelling through the door, “He has a knife!”

SWAT Happened

Police and SWAT responded to the Las Vegas Strip casino hotel after a domestic disturbance call at 9:15 a.m. local time. Witnesses had seen Mannix bust out a window in his Octavius Tower guest suite and begin dropping chairs and other items 21 floors to a Caesars Palace pool deck below.

Matthew Mannix is shown in his mug shot on Tuesday, July 11. (Image: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

No one was injured by the falling objects, since the area was quickly evacuated. According to

KTNV, the damage Mannix did to his bedroom is estimated at more than $50K. According to Las Vegas Police, Mannix also has four active restraining order in Colorado. The offense that triggered the warrant is redacted in the arrest report.

Mannix’s victim — whose name was also redacted in the arrest report — told police that she and Mannix were experiencing homelessness as a couple on the Las Vegas Strip and had binged on illegal drugs for several days. She said she did not leave the room for fear of her life. She said that she thought Mannix was an MTV actor.

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