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NagaWorld Casino Strike leader Sentenced to two years in jail in Cambodia

Posting date: May 25, 20,23, 03h14.

Last updated: May 25, 2023 at 03:14h
After global outcry over a lack support for human rights, Cambodian government promised to improve. It doesn’t seem to be willing, however, to follow through on its words. Chhim Sithar was sentenced to two years of prison by a Cambodian court for his role in leading strikes against the NagaWorld Casino. A union leader in Cambodia who was trying to change NagaWorld has been sentenced two years in jail. (Image:


A supporter of Cambodia union leader Chhim Sithar holds up a placard outside Phnom Penh Municipal Court in Phnom Penh on May 25
)Sithar, a recipient of the US State Department’s Human Rights Defender Award, has repeatedly been a target by Cambodia’s government. The union boss was arrested multiple times, and according to human right groups, her basic rights were denied. The Cambodian government has repeatedly fabricated charges against her in order to send a clear message. Her latest arrest took place in November last year. It has charged her with inciting violence for organizing the strikes.Double Standards

Sithar has been an active supporter of workers’ rights for years. She was the leader of efforts to convince NagaWorld that it should bring back hundreds of workers in 2021. Sithar was arrested by Cambodian authorities for inciting violence despite the fact that the protests were peaceful, according to various media outlets. Her determination did not waver despite her multiple stints in jail. She was accused of violating her parole terms, which prohibited her from travelling abroad. It has been long believed, but not proven, that NagaCorp might have influence over the government to control what happens at NagaWorld. It has long been asserted, although not proven, that NagaCorp might hold influence over the government to control what takes place at NagaWorld.

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The convictions of Chhim Sithar and the others is a blatant attack on unions and workers fighting for their fundamental rights,”

said Montse Ferrer, Amnesty International’s interim deputy regional director for research.

“This verdict is a reminder that the Cambodian government would rather side with corporations than protect the rights of its people.”

Today, according to the

Associated Press

, Judge Soeung Chakriya of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court sentenced Sithar to two years in prison. The official charge is “incitement to commit a felony.”

Lighter Sentences For Conspirators

Along with Sithar, who plans on appealing the sentence, eight others also appeared in court on similar charges. However, their punishments are nowhere near the same as what Sithar received.Yes, I know that the court will convict and sentence me, and of course, I will appeal,” Sithar told the Associated Press.

Five of the others received conditional prison terms of 18 months. As long as the strikers obey the Cambodian authorities or courts “whenever called”, they won’t go to prison. The three others were given a year-long suspended sentence. The protests continue to this day. The Kingdom of Cambodia was so slammed that they had to hire Qorvis, an American PR and crisis communication firm, to help protect their image. The government is still under pressure to correct its mistakes and not just cover them up.

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