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Las Vegas victim of alleged reckless driver was casino dealer

Posting date: 14 July 2023 at 07:30h

Last updated: July 14, 2023 at 07:30 a.m.

The woman who perished earlier this month in a deadly crash was identified this week as a gaming dealer at Palace Station Casino.

Palace Station Casino
Palace Station Casino, pictured above. A casino dealer died in a car crash earlier this year. She had been working at the casino for 13 years. She worked overnight shifts most recently. Tinh Sequeira hugged her husband, Bob, goodbye. He was holding Coda, one of the couple’s three dogs. He was holding Coda, a Pomeranian that was one of three dogs owned by the couple. She sustained thermal and blunt force injuries. He was driving at 64 mph, according to police, in a zone of 35 mph. He is facing charges of reckless driving resulting death, driving without a license, and operating a vehicle with expired registration.

Muirente is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas court on August 10. Muirente was released from jail after posting bond. Glen Heather Way lies north of Sahara Avenue. Muirente and each passenger suffered minor injuries. They were treated at University Medical Center, Las Vegas TV station

KLAS reported.Didn’t Hear from Her

The night of the crash, Bob Sequeira got worried after she didn’t call him during a work break. He walked to the accident site. That is when he recognized his wife’s car.

“Oh my God, no, that can’t be,” he recalled his feelings upon seeing the vehicle, the

Review Journal


Tinh Sequeira was married to Bob Sequeira for about four decades.

“She and I were together for 48 years and I am so grateful I was able to spend that time with her,” Bob Sequeira told the

Review Journal.

The two met in Tucson, Ariz. in 1976 on a blind date. The two met in Tucson, Ariz. in 1976 on a blind date. They were married in 1979. They had a son, Robert Sequeira. She loved cooking, especially Vietnamese food, and she loved her family. She was the most giving person I’ve ever met,” Bob Sequeira added.

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